How to Find a Trending Topic on Pinterest

Following trending topics on Pinterest can be beneficial and fun. Here are a few reasons you should follow the trending topics on Pinterest:

1) You get to stay in the know and be on top of latest trends

2) If you spread a trending topic your followers will value your pins since you spread the latest and greatest to them.

3) It helps your traffic to hop on the bandwagon with trending topics and trending pins

Lets review the difference between a trending topic on Pinterest and a trending Pinterest pin.

Trending Pinterest Topic: A trending topic is a hashtag that many people are talking about in the comments beneath their pins on Pinterest.

Trending Pinterest Pin: A trending pin is an actual pin that is spreading like wildfire.

How to Find The Trends on Pinterest:


1) You can find trending pins by going to the Pinterest homepage and clicking on the “Popular” tab on the left hand side of the header. This will take you to all of the most popular pins at the moment.

2) You can also use websites like Pinreach. On Pinreach they will tell you which members are trending and which pins are trending.

3) You can also look at trending hashtags on Twitter. Many people have their Twitter and Pinterest accounts linked, so the hashtags are now reaching through many social networks.

If you are trying to find out where a pin comes from or an image on Pinterest you can also use Picnic. Picnic is a simple bookmarklet that helps you discover more about images online. Picnic is especially helpful for Pinterest users looking to buy a pin they love, get more information about a pinned picture or locate similar images on other sites.


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